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Frequent Questions
  • What is Brasilia`s "Sublima" system?

    Sublima advanced brewing system
    Sublima extracts espresso even more effectively than a lever machine, thanks to the PressurePlus brewing cycle. A maximum pressure of 14 Bar allows almost 50% better extraction compared to other traditional machines (max 9 Bar) and a far superior crema.

    Superb thermal stability with full steam power
    The Tempdrive balancing system has 3 levels of temperature control - main boiler, group head and group head balancing boiler. This allows stability of +/- 0.5°C, at the same time retaining full steam pressure.
    Ultimate flexibility for different coffee blends
    Tempdrive allows baristas to independently adjust the temperature of each group head. Hydroactive S2 Architecture allows the full infusion cycle for each group head to be independently controlled.

  • What is Brasilia`s "Bullone Rosso" system?
    By using Brasilia's Bullone Rosso systemyou can enjoy ultimate and lasting quality in every cup of coffee, as it ensures thermal stability in the group, from the first till the last extraction, under every working condition.
    On the left you can see a chart of the concentration of coffee in the machine, on the basis of the number of extractions. The red line represents a coffee machine with Bullone Rosso system and the other lines represent other competitor machines, without this system. The coffee machine using the Bullone Rosso system, keeps almost constant, with slight variation, the concentration of coffee even after having performed 15 extractions, while the instability of the other machines is obvious.
    By studying the second chart on the right, it is obvious too, that the temperature has almost no variations during the use, in the Bullone Rosso system machine, compared to other machines. The Bullone Rosso system, keeps the temperature constant in groups, with a slight variation of about +/- 0,5οC, while in the other competitor machines, the variation in temperature is more than 40οC.